Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crusader Diorama - Terrain pt1

This is a very basic guide to how I made the terrain.

1st Step:
I bought an A1 foam board sheet. You can find foam boards from frame makers and hobby shops. Got some terrain supplies such as:
  • Static Grass
  • Sand-got some natural fine grained sand from a beach and a bag of small rocks from a hobby shop
  • Newspaper-for the rocks
  • Plaster
2nd Step:
Cut the foam board into the desired size and glued it to a wooden board of equal size. Afterward I removed the layer of cardboard so that I can shape the foam how I wished. from the scraps I had left I fashioned out 2 pieces of foam board to make a hill and another 2 pieces for a rocky hill. Then I glued the pieces together and glued them to the foam.

3rd Step:
I used a page from the newspaper to shape out the rocks for one of the hills and glued it to the hill. Then I mixed some of the plaster with water and used a shaped out piece of wood to apply the plaster to the hills. Afterward I used a brush and diluted plaster to shape out the plaster appropriately and got this:

4th Step:
I applied glue to several areas for the sand and then applied sand gradually. Obtaining this result:

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